Travel, health and water management

Survive & Thrive’s instore stock includes:


  • Anti-insect repellents, including DEET and sensitive skin applications; tick removers and venom extractors; bug bite relief, sting cream; tick repellents, tick removers
  • First Aid, waterproof FAKs, sterile kits; Anaconda splints; blister kits, foot creams and skin salves; high performance waterproof sunscreen with added jellyfish sting protection Factor 50
  • Mosquito nets, midge and anti-insect nets and bed sheets, head nets, pushchair nets,
  • Personal hygiene products, sanitising gel, waterless wash kits, bio-soap
  • Portable urinating devices including Shewee® and TravelJohn®
  • Water purification and sterilising systems and chemicals, Aquapure, Steripen, sterilising chemicals and purification tablets, Survivor Type 58, inline filters
  • Lightweight micro-fibre travel towels
  • Worldwide electrical adaptors and portable appliance chargers, travel adaptors and power chargers, USB charger adaptor
  • Car kettles, travel kettles, cooling carafes, insulated containers, tea and coffee press
  • Vacuum and insulated flasks
  • Metal, plastic and insulated mugs; heated travel mug; karabiner mug
  • Aluminium, stainless steel and plastic drinks bottles; Camelbak, Chute, Kleen Kanteen, Aladdin, Stanley, Emsa
  • Water jerries; collapsible water containers; chaguls, Millbank filters, and canvas water containers
  • Hydration packs and bladders, aquasack, Camelbak; solar showers
  • Travel cutlery, KFS, Papillon, sporks, folding sporks
  • Travel bags, packs and trolleys; foldaway bags, dry bags and stuff sacks
  • Luggage accessories, including locks, padlocks, straps and ID tags
  • Travel pillows, self- inflating pillows, head and neck supports
  • Money belts, wallets, security wallets, RFID wallets and neck pouches
  • Stashaway waterproofs, packlight waterproofs
Travel, health and water management
Travel, health and water management