First Aid, Hygiene & Personal Care

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • First aid kits for a range of applications, waterproof  FAKs, sterile kits, Anaconda splint, emergency blankets, thermal protective aids; hand, body and foot warmers
  • Personal hygiene products, sanitisers and bio-soaps, wash without water waterless cleansers, no-rinse wash kits and hand gels
  • Portable urination devices, Travel John, Shewee
  • Insect and tick repellents; DEET and sensitive skin products, Icaridin, Picaridin, Saltidin, bug bands; tick extractors, tick test kit, Venimex pump venom extractor
  • Mosquito nets, anti-insect travel sheets, mosquito and midge head nets
  • Travel mini-kits and bug bite relief
  • Water purification tablets, disinfectants and systems, puritabs, hadex; water purification and sterilising systems, Aquapure, Steripen, reverse osmosis pump, in-line water filters, Survivor Type 58 purification system
  • Specialist anti-jellyfish waterproof sun creams, Factor 50; skin salves and creams and foot balms
  • Quick drying, lightweight, travel towels
  • Sunhats, shemaghs, sweat rags and neck and wrist coolers
  • Sand, dust and ski goggles
  • Diabetic socks and soft top walking socks
  • Nikwax cleaning and proofing products, wax cotton treatment, Tech Wash, TX Direct, Down Wash & Down Proof, Cotton Proof, Footwear Cleaning Gel, Fabric & Leather Proof ; dubbin, boot grease
First Aid, Hygiene & Personal Care
First Aid, Hygiene & Personal Care