Shelter & Sleep

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • Bashas, tarps, shelter sheets, bivis, bivi bags, lightweight small tents, mountain tents, close observation covers, parachutes
  • Emergency blankets, survival bags, survival shelters, thermal protective aids, drybags
  • Sleeping bags (mummy and square cut), synthetic and down bags, jungle bags, extreme cold weather bags, air beds, inflatable mattresses, self-inflating mats, multi-mats, thermal bag liners and sleeping bag liners, travel pillows, kip mats, air pumps and bellows,camp beds
  • Hammocks, including DD and Frontline, travel hammocks, cotton hammocks, Brazilian and Mexican garden hammocks, stretcher hammocks, mosquito nets, travel sheets, snakeskins
  • Portable chairs, folding stools, camping tables
  • Tent poles, tent repair kits, seam sealer, tent pegs, repair tape, gaffer and tank tape, camouflage tape, rope tighteners, karabiners including rock clips and screwgates, paracord, 550 paracord, utility rope, bungees and bungee cord
Shelter & Sleep Equipment Herefordshire
Shelter & Sleep Equipment, Leominster