Military equipment and clothing

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • Field and combat clothing, smocks, parkas, jackets, camouflage and og clothing, dpm, multi cam, woodland and desert; military and tactical belts, 58 pattern belt; Mk3 cold weather aircrew jacket
  • Webbing, tactical vests, and personal load carrying equipment, Molle PLCE, chest rigs, pouches
  • Patrol packs and bergens, response packs, grab bags and bug out bags, dump bags, deployment bags, holdalls, kit bags,
  • Drybags, compression and stuff sacks
  • Water bottles and hydration packs; Mess tins, metal mugs, sporks, and KFS
  • Jetboil® and Crusader® cooking systems and Firedragon® fuel
  • Headtorches and hand torches with red light facility; inspection mirrors and signalling mirrors
  • Paracord, signalling cord, 550 paracord, bungees, cyalumes, gear ties; karabiners, rock clips, screw gates, fig.8, descenders, fast ropes
  • No rinse wash kits, sanitising gels, and bio-soaps
  • Face veils, sweat rags and shemaghs; camouflage cream and tapes, scrim
  • Survival kits, emergency fishing kits, wire saws, firesteels and waterproof matches
  • Military spec knives, folding spades and entrenching tools; axes, hatchets, pack axes, double bit axes, Estwing, billhooks, goloks, machetes, pack saws and folding saws; multi-tools Gerber, UST, Wenger, Victorinox, Coast, Leatherman; knife pouches, lanyards
  • Waterproof notebooks, Nyrex, orders books, map cases
  • DD hammocks, travel hammocks, Frontline and Bivi hammocks, mosquito nets, stretcher hammocks; bashas, tarps and shelter sheets; bivi bags, sleeping bags
  • Camouflage nets, sniper nets, sniper mirrors and close observation covers
  • Fuel and water jerries, ammo boxes and waterproof containers
  • Parachutes suitable for outdoor and bushcraft activities
  • Footwear, including jungle and desert boots
  • Immersion suits, survival, Trellenborg and dry suits
  • Uniforms and equipment for film and theatre; RAF, Army, Naval uniforms
Military equipment and clothing
Military equipment and clothing