Navigation, signalling and lighting

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • Compasses from market leaders, Silva, Recta; baseplate, orienteering, luminous, military types, button, wrist, marching and prismatic compasses
  • Pedometers, environmental instruments, wind gauges, altimeters, barometers, map readers and wheels, tally counters
  • Signalling mirrors, marker panels, reflective strip, spotlits
  • Head torches, hand-held torches, tactical torches, red light torches, emergency strobe lights, personal locator light, micro-lights, key lights, USB lights, Splashflash; cyalumes and snap lights 
  • Gas, paraffin, battery lanterns
  • Walking and trekking poles, street feet and carbide tips, Mountain King, Komperdell; ice axes
  • Binoculars and monoculars
  • Whistles and lanyards
  • Ordnance Survey maps
navigation signalling and lighting Herefordshire
navigation signalling and lighting Herefordshire