Rucksacks, packs and bags

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • Small backpacks and day-sacks
  • Bergens and rucksacks
  • Travel luggage, wheeled trolley bags and kit-bags
  • Military packs,  military pouches, deployment bags and holdalls, kit bags, tent bags
  • Belt pouches, bug out and response packs, bum bags, hip belts and shoulder bags
  • Stash sacks, compression sacks, dry bags, dry sacks, stuff sacks, pack and Bergen liners
  • Map cases, travel wallets, money wallets, security wallets, RFID wallets, camera bags
  • Hydration sacks and packs, camelbacks, aquasacks and water bladders
  • Insulated containers and flasks, cool bags, freezer blocks
  • Water bottles, water bottle belts
  • Fuel bottles
  • Bungees, para-cord and karabiners, gear ties
  • Collapsible containers jerries
  • Money belts, wallets, camera and accessory cases
  • Luggage scales and luggage straps
Rucksacks, packs and bags Herefordshire
Rucksacks, packs and bags Leominster