Bushcraft and survival

Survive & Thrive’s Retail Shop stock includes:


  • Fire-steels, flints, fire-starter kits, tinder, firelighters, flamers, waterproof matches, windproof lighters
  • Survival kits, emergency fishing kits
  • Bashas, shelter sheets, tarps, parachutes, bivi bags, survival bags, emergency blankets, personal protection kits, thermal protective aids, survival shelters
  • Paracord, bungees, utility rope
  • Ghillie and Kelly kettles, cooking stoves including petrol, gas and multi-fuel stoves, gel and hexamine cookers, bushcraft cookers and burners
  • Cook sets , mess tins, steel and aluminium cooking pans, Dutch ovens, cast iron, steel fire tripods
  • Knives for camping and bushcraft, and other field cutlery, billhooks, axes, splitting axes, double bit axes, hatchets, pack saws, folding saws, green wood working tools, adzes, crook, bowl and spoon knives, knife and axe sharpeners (including Arkansas stones, diamond sharpeners)
  • Gold prospecting pans
Bushcraft and Survival Leominster
Bushcraft and Survival Herefordshire